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Our Mission


Helping Children and Their Families Overcome Homelessness

If you, a loved one or a friend needs help, call us at 406-465-9467 for an assessment in one business day.

A little about us

Family Promise of Greater Helena was established in 2011, in 2023 we expanded to Broadwater County and Townsend.  We help children and their families overcome homelessness by different means. 


We provide temporary shelter to those in need, at this time we are only able to shelter three families thus we always have a waiting list.  We are looking at expanding and are in need of community support, if you are able to help please contact our Executive Director, Renee Bauer at 406-465-9467 for more information. 


We also strive to prevent children and their families from becoming homeless with our Prevention and Diversion Program.  Families that are in need meet with our Family Advocate, Kimberly Woods, to discuss getting help that is needed and a course of action to prevent the need in the future.  If you would like more information please give her a call at 406-465-9467.   

Families we have helped in 2023

In 2023 we were able to help numerous families in need of Prevention and Diversion Services and the CRP program.  Here is a look at those numbers that we were able to help with grants:

-Helping Hands (Gerstner grant):

48 families

159 children

-HUMI (Help You Move In grant):

50 families

115 children

-CRP (Community Response grant):

18 families

42 children

Families that have participated in Family Promise of Greater Helena homeless shelter program:

10 families

14 children

Families that have received Miscellaneous Help (Clothing, Food, Prescriptions, Vehicle Repairs, etc.):

79 families

172 children

Help Us Meet Our Goals


  • Double our census of families served, nurturing their growth as they progress from homelessness to sustainable independence

  • Continue to modify the Day Center to appropriately serve more families

  • Expand community education and outreach initiatives about family homelessness

  • Better provide the support families need to stay sustainably independent: mentors after they graduate, additional life skill training, an alumni circle, and more!​

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