Homeless in Helena

The shelter options for homeless families with children are very limited in Helena. Beyond Family Promise those options often require splitting up families at some point. It is likely that some of the children who slept outside the night before did so because their parent(s) did not want the family split up. Family Promise works to keep the families integrated into the community and – most importantly – keeps families together. Nationwide, one-fifth of all children who are homeless are separated from their immediate family at some point.


Contrary to common perception, many of the homeless are employed at least part-time but have had a financial setback that has cost them their prior home. Some cases involve losing a regular job and not being able to replace it with anything but part-time work. 


Sometimes it is an illness; other times it is a needed car breaking down and requiring expensive repairs. Low-income families are particularly vulnerable to such setbacks. They naturally have greater expenses than the single members of our community, and often their savings are so low that it does not take much of a financial setback to cost them their home.